Calculus and linear algebra

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Half of Cornell math majors take this sequence. The sequence is taught at a higher level of mathematical sophistication than MATH , particularly the portion dealing with vector calculus.

Vectors, what even are they? - Essence of linear algebra, chapter 1

The most successful students in MATH begin with extenstive mathematical experience and interest. Many have seen some vector calculus and linear algebra, and most are comfortable writing proofs. Students who are considering MATH but are unsure if it is the right choice should pre-enroll in MATH and talk to an advisor after arriving at Cornell, then may transfer into if advised to do so.

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The defining characteristic of the engineering mathematics sequence, MATH , is its rapid and utilitarian coverage of a wide variety of mathematical topics important in engineering and the physical sciences. Although the sequence covers more topics than other programs, the courses in the sequence cover those topics in somewhat lesser depth and with less attention to theoretical background, particularly when compared to MATH and MATH MATH and are sufficient prerequisites for most higher-level math courses.

ECON4120 – Mathematics 2: Calculus and Linear Algebra

In fact, some engineering programs do not require Orthogonal complements : Alternate coordinate systems bases Orthogonal projections : Alternate coordinate systems bases Change of basis : Alternate coordinate systems bases. Orthonormal bases and the Gram-Schmidt process : Alternate coordinate systems bases Eigen-everything : Alternate coordinate systems bases.

Video 5 minutes 49 seconds Vector intro for linear algebra Vectors. Video 6 minutes 21 seconds Real coordinate spaces Vectors.

Calculus and Linear Algebra

Video 7 minutes 12 seconds Video 5 minutes 44 seconds With the derivative we learn how to measure variable rates of change in natural processes, to isolate maxima and minima of functions, and to apply these techniques to solve problems of optimisation. With the definite integral we learn how to compute non-standard areas and volumes, understood as special instances of the total distribution of data prescribed by a continuous density. Students in this unit will also be introduced to the algebra and geometry of linear systems of equations and their solutions.


Together with Calculus, Linear Algebra provides the second essential tool of mathematical modelling. Topics covered include a review of elementary functions and their inverses; limits and continuity of functions; derivatives, basic techniques of differentiation, and applications; the definite integral, basic techniques of integration, and applications; and vectors, subspaces, and linear mappings using two, three, or more space-coordinates; methods for solving linear systems of equations; linear independence of vectors. Note: Students are expected to purchase prescribed material. Please note that textbook requirements may vary from one teaching period to the next. It is mandatory to pass this examination in order to pass this unit. To obtain a distinction in this unit, a student must obtain a distinction in the examination.