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An urban fantasy game about balancing the fantastic and the mundane? The commonly derided "bear and balloons" illustration near the start of the 2nd edition core book didn't exactly help matters. The sequel for the New World of Darkness , Changeling: The Lost , is a Darker and Edgier take on it where Changelings are the more traditional sort of humans that have been kidnapped by The Fair Folk and have managed to escape their clutches. While Lost can be as divisive as Dreaming , it is at least clear about the authors' direction.

Elsewhere in the NWoD, Beast: The Primordial takes up the "living dream" concept from Dreaming , with Beasts being living nightmares who don't have to worry about disbelief. A 20th anniversary edition of Dreaming was announced at GenCon A Kickstarter for the core book went live on December 10, , and was fully funded within hours. It went on sale to the public in September Commoners and nobles alike worried about his ability to rule an entire Kingdom, however, and the next several months saw a great deal of maneuvering against him, until a shocking revelation came to light.

It seems that Duke Johan had been the long time secret advisor to Queen Mary Elizabeth on matters of modern technology, which she fully embraced but little understood. Some even whispered that they were long-distance paramours, lending newly crowned King Johan an air of romanticism.

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His polite refusal to confirm or deny these tales only perpetuated them and placed him in the light of a gentleman. None could deny, though, that King Johan bore a definite fondness for his predecessor, taking great pains to uphold her laws and retain small aesthetic touches in honor of her. While maintaining largely Traditionalist methods as well, King Johan has placed numerous commoners in positions of power, particularly Trolls, Boggans, Nockers, and members of the growing population of American Clurichauns.

The Kingdom of Grass is perhaps the most savvy in Concordia when it comes to embracing and adapting human technology, and King Johan has become known as a gifted inventor himself. A long string of creations previously uncredited have come out as his designs.

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If Queen Mary Elizabeth projected a "spinster aunt" image, King Johan comes across more professorial. He is tall and broad of shoulder, unusually large-hewn for a Sidhe, with a face weathered from his love of mountain walks, short auburn hair and a neatly-trimmed beard and mustache. His Dougal weakness is his eyes, which constantly squint behind a complex rig of lenses and hinges he requires just to see at all.

With them, though, he can work on the most intricate of devices or spy distant mountaintops, and his skill as a marksman is legendary, particularly with his treasured rifle Adolphus, a remarkable long rifle with a silver-etched muzzle and burnished white birch stock.

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Legend holds that this treasure originally took another form, but with his return to the Autumn World it arrived changed. Since King Johan took over there have been two failed attempts on his life. Of Breton descent and politically disinterested, many who were initially uncertain of the Boggan have been won over by her cheerful and pragmatic demeanor. Reports state that King Johan carried on his courtship of her for some time discretely before other fae began to notice, and even though no longer a secret, the two conduct themselves with a certain charming dignity.

They have two children, born in and , both boys, and rumor holds that they are expecting a third. The eldest, Rudolph, awoke as a Boggan in The young childling has all the charm of his parents, and while some were initially put off by his Kith, he has won over many. His little brother, Jeremy, is Kinain, and seems to take more after his father. Considered an abberation by most Sidhe, he enjoys an uncommon friendship with the Nunnehi in his realm, and some of the most important positions in his court are filled by native fae.

This alliance has only benefited his reign, for Nunnehi attacks in his kingdom are virtually unknown. Nunnehi rebels in the Kingdom of the Feathered Serpent to the south continue to use Greyhawk's lands as a staging area for their raids, and the border between the two realms is a major hotspot. Though not as culturally popular as it once was, the ideas embraced in the American image of the wild west can still be found in this kingdom, and it can be a wild and dangerous realm, for both the frontier honor and the lawlessnes embodied by that period of history live on.

Worth noting is Las Vegas, which has its own unique effect on the surrounding Dreaming. It is a city of highs and lows, of wonders and terrors, from which the Duchess Jasmine ap Ailil has ruled since , when her Gwydion predecessor was stripped of his lands by Chief Greyhawk after one of his House's infamous rages set the former Duke against a band of Greyhawk's nunnehi allies. There are those who believe this situation was arranged, and Greyhawk's reaction has remained unpopular with many Tradtionalists.

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None can doubt that the Duchy of Bright Meadows has only seen its fortunes rise since Duchess Jasmine's reign began, but some worry that its excesses of hedonism grow too great. The Duchess is said to be the force behind the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" campaign, and indeed it grew into common use not long after she took her throne. There may be some truth to this, for surely by stirring visitors to acts of debauchery the fae of Las Vegas have found an ample supply of Glamour and Dreams to draw upon.

Far from being jealous of the Duchess and her ownershp of Las Vegas he is a frequent fixture at her court, and the two are notorious friends who frequently get into mischief together.

Kingdom of Willows

Kingdom of the Feathered Serpent Mexico A kingdom in name only, this troubled realm has become increasingly wartorn in the last decade. Nominally it is ruled by the Troll Duke Topaz, who for a long time received constant criticism from commoners and nobles alike for his apparent inability to deal with the "Nunnehi menace" in his kingdom despite being perhaps the most competent general in all of Concordia.

The nobility has long distrusted him for several other reasons as well, not least among them his membership in the Brotherhood of Thor and his infamous father, General Lyros. Like many of the most skilled generals in history, he would far prefer peace and reconciliation to violence.

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However, the Nunnehi and Duendes remained mostly unreceptive to his entreaties, forcing him to plan brilliant and ruthless campaigns against them. Though the Kingdom of the Feathered Serpent officially covers all of Mexico, Duke Topaz's forces only held firmly along the northern and western borders of the nation. The most potent remaining Native American Fae nations in North America held much of the rest of the realm, with further trouble coming from other Nunnehi raiders based in Chief Greyhawk's Kingdom of Burning Sun to the north.

This scenario placed much of the lands Duke Topaz was charged to defend, and the commoners who relied on him, between a rock and a hard place, or the Sun and the Serpent, as it has come to be called. Rumors persisted of the Shadow Court's involve in the Nunnehi revolt, particularly as the apparently ageless Duke Topaz begin to show signs to the contrary, drawing whispers of dark magic involved.

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By Duke Topaz's health was clearly deteriorating rapidly, though not his flair for command. The change would not come from within but from without, with the outmaneuvering and capture of a large band of Nunnehi raiders which had long plagued settlements from across the Mexico-Arizona border. Examining him more closely, she discovered the rot festering within him, and the fact that its source was not internal.

She saw too the nobility of his soul and his desire for peace.

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