Liberation Theology in the Philippines: Faith in a Revolution

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Violence engenders violence and degrades man. A few priests in Latin America and other Third World areas such as the Philippines have actually taken up arms in revolutionary groups, using the liberation theology as justification. In Peru, home of one of the leading liberation theologians, Father Gustavo Gutierrez, the church is deeply divided on the subject.

Coincidentally, the nation is suffering a prolonged and bloody insurgency by Maoist guerrillas of an organization calling itself Sendero Luminoso Shining Path. Accept fully its teachings.


The bishops, asked by the Vatican two years ago to examine the writings of Father Gutierrez and take appropriate action, waffled on the request in a recent document, neither upholding nor censuring the priest, but rather passing the buck to Gutierrez and other theologians whom it asked to write self-criticisms of their work. The eighth day of the papal journey was a busy one that began before dawn for the pontiff and his entourage, who flew miles south of Lima to the Spanish colonial city of Arequipa.

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Priests, nuns, and laypersons were detained. While the People Power movement led to the downfall of President Marcos, the Catholic Church has remained a powerful opposing force on issues such as the Reproductive Health Bill and divorce.

Landas: Journal of Loyola School of Theology

The Divorce Bill is still caught up in a contentious battle the Philippines is the only country in the world, aside from Vatican City, that lacks divorce laws. For instance, the Iglesia ni Cristo Church of Christ , with a tradition of bloc voting required from its 1 million voting members, has allegedly supported presidential candidates throughout history: President Marcos in , Eduardo Cojuangco in , Joseph Estrada in , Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in , and Manny Villar in The Jesus is Lord movement ran campaigns themselves Bro.

Just how potent are the political endorsements of religious groups? In the case of Iglesia ni Cristo, whose members are required to vote as a bloc, previous endorsements have failed: Eduardo Cojuangco came in 3rd, Estrada was ousted in because of corruption charges, Macapagal-Arroyo had graft charges and is under hospital arrest, and Manny Villar lost the elections.

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A million votes can certainly swing the tide in a hotly-contested election. Judging by the recent events that involved the INC, its endorsement of a presidential candidate might not auger well for either the church or for its endorsed candidate. The year-old Church faces its worst crisis in years — former ministers are accusing top leaders of corruption and illegal detention of members who dare question the INC. It also had a previous minister, Menorca, arrested for alleged illegal possession of a hand grenade.

Liberation Theology

Most recently, Senatorial candidate Manny Pacquiao lost the endorsement of Nike and some voters as well when he erred in making a slur against the LGBT community. Invoking Bible verses in his defense, he failed to realize that a prejudicial remark from any political candidate will not sit well with any group that still faces discrimination.

But then again, his bigoted remark could work both ways: he will clearly lose the votes of the LGBT community and human rights advocates, but perhaps he will earn the votes of some ultra-conservatives. So, 75 days to the May presidential and local elections, candidates will literally move heaven and earth to get the nod of voters.

Liberation Theology in the Philippines: Faith in a Revolution

For some of them, the fastest route may be through organized churches. She can be reached at mariaisbel. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and not those of The Asia Foundation or its funders. You inadvertently reported that the Iglesia Ni Cristo supported Manny Villar in the Presidential elections where the very recent history is very much aware that in reconciliation the INC voted for the ungrateful Aquino. Your motive shows that you want to portray that the INC vote no longer exists!

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