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EQ boost adjust Auto loop filter offset adjust Auto track gain adjust Search Check All servo stop EEP copy loop filter offset CD Press the [2] key on the remote commander and insert a CD disc following the message. But, individual items can be adjusted for the case where adjustment is suspended due to an error. In this mode, the adjustment can be made easily through the operation following the message displayed on the screen. The disc used for adjustment must be the one specified for adjustment.

Then, 1. DVD-SL disc, 2.


CD disc and 3. DVD-DL disc are adjusted in this order. Each time one disc was adjusted, it is ejected. Replace it with the specified disc following the message. Note: During adjustment of each disc, the measurement for disc type judgment is made.

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As automatic adjustment does not judge the disc type unlike conventional models, take care not to insert wrong type discs. Also, do not give a shock during adjustment. CD Adjustment Steps 1. Sled tilt rest 2. Disc check memory CD 3. Set disc type CD 5. Wait msec 8.

TC display start Jitter display start Sled ON Auto LFO Adjust. Disc check memory DL 3. Set disc type DL 5. Wait 1 sec Layer 1 Adjust 8. Check CLV lock Auto loop filter offset adjust, Auto focus adjust Focus jump L1 t L0 Auto track offset adjust L0 Auto focus filter offset adjust Auto Focus Adjust Auto Loop Filter Offset Layer jump L0? L1 Layer jump L1?

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L0 All servo stop. On the Test Mode Menu screen, press the [2] key on the remote commander, and the Operation Menu will be displayed. Drive Manual Operation Operation Menu 1. Disc Type 2. Servo Control 3. Memory Check 7. Disc Check Memory 8. Error Rate Display 9.

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These commands do not provide protection, thus requiring correct operation. The sector address or time code field is displayed when a disc is loaded. Note: 1. Set correctly the disc type to be used on the Disc Type screen.

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In case of an alarm, immediately press the x button to stop the servo operation, and press the [POWER] button to turn the power off. Disc Type CD It sets up so that it may judge as a disc type of specification of the disc with which the set was inserted. Disc Type Hybrid It sets up so that it may judge as a disc type of specification of the disc with which the set was inserted.

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Servo Control Note: Be sure to perform the disc type setup before performing this item. Servo Control 1. LD off R. Sled 2. Focus off L. Sled 3.

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SPDL off U. Sled 4. CLVA off D. Sled 5.

Sled off 7. Srch off 8. OppL off. FZC Count : The number of times which focus zero cross points of each layer when lens down. It performs only when disc type judgment is successful. Disc Type DVD It sets up so that it may judge as a disc type of specification of the disc with which the set was inserted.

Normally, turn on each servo from 1 sequentially and when CLVA is turned on, the usual trace mode becomes active. This is not displayed where the spindle is not locked.

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The spindle could run overriding the control if the spindle system is faulty or RF is not present. In such a case, do not operate CLVA. Srch [8] FCS. Only for the DVD dual layer disc, the focus jump and layer jump are displayed in the right field. If CLV has been applied, the jitter is displayed for reference for the adjustment. On this screen, each item can be adjusted automatically. Gain : Adjusts track gain. Gain xx Focus Offset xx Trk.

Offset xx EQ. Boost xx PI Level xx Fcs. The adjusted data are initialized by pressing the [CLEAR] key, but be careful that they are not recoverable after initialization. Before clearing the adjusted data, make a note of the set data. This screen will also appear if [0]-All is selected in the Drive Auto Adjustment. In this case, default setting cannot be made. Error Rate Display. Is starts the aging.