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After much discussion, several Apache groups met at a kind of summit meeting held at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The army authorities were not favorable to the meeting, and it only occurred through the intervention of the office of the Governor of Oklahoma.

Collegiate secret societies in North America

As a result of this meeting, Ned Anderson was written up in the newspapers as an articulate Apache activist. Soon afterwards, in late or early , a Skull and Bones member contacted Anderson and leaked evidence that Geronimo's remains had long ago been pilfered--by Prescott Bush, George's father. The informant said that in May of , Prescott Bush and five other officers at Fort Sill desecrated the grave of Geronimo.

They took turns watching while they robbed the grave, taking items including a skull, some other bones, a horse bit and straps. They were put into a display case, which members and visitors could easily view upon entry to the building.

Skull & Bones: It's Not Just for White Dudes Anymore - The Atlantic

The informant provided Anderson with photographs of the stolen remains, and a copy of a Skull and Bones log book in which the grave robbery had been recorded. The informant said that Skull and Bones members used the pilfered remains in performing some of their Thursday and Sunday night rituals, with Geronimo's skull sitting out on a table in front of them.

Outraged, Anderson traveled to New Haven. He did some investigation on the Yale campus and held numerous discussions, to learn what the Apaches would be up against when they took action, and what type of action would be most fruitful. The attorney conveyed to him the Bureau's response: If he would turn over every scrap of evidence to the FBI, and completely remove himself from the case, they would get involved.

He rejected this bargain, since it did not seem likely to lead toward recovery of Geronimo's remains. Due to his persistence, he was able to arrange a September Manhattan meeting with Jonathan Bush, George Bush's brother. Jonathan Bush vaguely assured Anderson that he would get what he had come after, and set a followup meeting for the next day. But Bush stalled--Anderson believes this was to gain time to hide and secure the stolen remains against any possible rescue action. His father was the F.

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